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Our shipping takes between 2 day and 7 days. Shipping options will vary depending on the size of your item, the weight of your item. Our standard ground shipping takes approximately 4 days. 

International shipping can take longer usually 1-2 weeks but sometimes shorter. 

We ship globally, put in your order and let the shopping car work out what options are available to you. Sometimes shipping can be expensive but we try to find the best way to get it to you, usually from one of our third party logistics providers close as possible  to you. 

We operate a automated pick, pack and fulfilment service. This mean that our orders are usually ready to ship a few hours after your order. Please contact us as soon as possible with your current order address, and the new order address and we will try to adjust it as soon as possible. 

VIsit My Account details to change your email address and password. 

Model sizes all depend on the original size of the item. A 1/18 is one-eighteenth the size of the original item. So a plane that is 100m in 1/18 will be 5.5m long. But a car that is usually 5m long in 1/18 will be 27cm long.   

We have put together an article about what size model to buy